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Initial Comments

Posted on behalf of Makel from the Discord channel

-In your video, the in-game sound drowns out your voice when talking
-In your tutorial game video (16:08), you accidently called the American anti-tank gun a 5 cm PaK 38 instead of the 57mm Gun M1 (?)
-Until you get a SetUp Wizard, maybe break up the files to a manageable download size? (personal preference)

-Gun Crew that moves with the Anti-Tank Guns
-Multiple-shell types for the guns (AP rounds, APCR rounds, HE rounds, Smoke rounds, etc.)
-Use of cover to stop sight? Like bushes can cover AT guns or a hidden machine gunner from spotters.
-Use of buildings by infantry as cover
-Capture strategic points like bridges, buildings, hills, etc. alongside the point system
-AoE damage with artillery to find suspectable positions (if so then smoke from guns probably needed for counter-battery fire?)


Thanks Makel for your comments

I'm going to redo a set of tutorial videos so I'll make sure I check the game volume
I'll also break the zip file down into manageable chunks

- Gun crew for anti-tank guns that's on the todo list
- Shell types is also on the todo list will be coming soon
- Cover is a big part of the game and will be part of the map / scenery creation ( they will be constantly updated )
- Infantry entering buildings is wip and will be included in a future release
- Strategic points again is on the todo list and will be part of the game
- AoE is something that I have been thinking about although this will most likely come with ammo limits
- Ammo type will include smoke

Incidentally smoke is part of the game currently and tanks do have the ability to fire smoke canisters forward for additional cover

I will include these this list in a working copy on the time4war forum

once again thanks for your feedback