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Alpha Build

This is an early fully playable alpha build ( may break at any time and some features are not yet implemented and frequent updates ). Features working in current build

  • Tutorial
  • Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer
  • Hot Seat
  • Watch Replays


The files below are a self extracting 7zip archive


How to install time4war

Release Notes

Alpha v0.0.25
Close Info Panel when turn ends
Fix unlimited fire when in targeting mode
Fix AI glitch if own vehicle still moving when you end turn
Alpha v0.0.24
Fixed bug in aircraft that enabled them to move beyond their move action in one turn
Alpha v0.0.23
Added AI to all regions in the Normandy strategic map
New map St Mere Eglise
Alpha v0.0.22
Larger Tool Tips are now clearly visible
Fix to Strategic map selection screen showing multiple selections
Updated Panther tank model
Preview of new map Vire
Alpha v0.0.21
Added a number of new maps including Villers Bocage which is playable with AI
Added ELO rating to leaderboard
Fixed number of issues with multiplayer win conditions
Fixed number of bugs with targetting and line of sight
Fixed issue with turorial not working properly
Alpha v0.0.20
First version of score screen which includes leaderboard for MP games
Updated MP game dialog with map selection and deploy mode option
New unit selection screen for MP games with deploy mode enabled
New unit deployment phase in MP games with deploy mode enabled
Alpha v0.0.19
Added user nicknames to player registration and MP games display
Updated game server ready for player ranking and statistics
Alpha v0.0.18
Improved zoom
Alpha v0.0.17
Fixes various issues in multiplayer related to indirect fire and smoke
Fixes issues with scenario failing to load properly and unable to interact with units
Added notice for failed login on multiplayer screen
Alpha v0.0.16
Fixed problem starting multiplayer games
Alpha v0.0.15
Ammo types have now been added to units. You can switch ammo by opening the unit info panel from the (i) icon on the toolbar and then selecting the ammo type which can be AP, HE or SM depending on the unit type
Various small bug fixes related to AI game play
Alpha v0.0.14
Big change in the build that will enable future incremental updates to be downloaded which will be much smaller. Future updates will patch the base build
Updated the game startup and added a new incorporated settings screen
First phase of unit indirect fire which is enabled by selecting the unit then clicking ‘Fire’ then left click on the ground to see a red firing line. To cancel simply right click. Still WIP unit limited ammo will be coming next
Double zoom speed when zooming with mouse wheel
Fixed bug with aircraft pointing to the ground
Fixed a number of bugs in AI that prevented the AI turn from ending
Alpha v0.0.12
Lower quality settings now reduces the asset count to enable smoother running on lower spec machines.
Added additional towns to the “Strategic Map” linking to new maps which will be coming soon.