Time4War is a new turn based strategy game that lets you get up close and personal with the action with full 3D environments and true line of sight.

Time4War is designed to work like a virtual table top war gaming experience only with a one kilometer table top !

Time4War takes strategy and  logic to the next level by removing all chance from the game. No RNG, no luck and no dice !

The game enables complete freedom of movement so that you can view the action from any zoom and any angle much like you would playing in a games room. The game is laid out on a symmetrical game board with terrain mapped out so that both players have the same amount of cover.

The game pieces are laid out for a pitched battle across the game board like pieces on a chess board. The starting positions are fixed and symmetrical. No hex squares, No RNG. The game will be cross platform so that you can start a game on your PC and continue the game on any device.

Both players have the exact same deployment and the units which represent the different factions ( allies, axis etc ) are distributed equally. Like chess both players have the same pieces. Each player then takes turns to move their units and try to gain a positional advantage over their opponent.

The game does not use hex squares you are free to move the units in any direction but limited distance per unit. Infantry are essential as they can see at much greater distance to tanks and other mechanized units. The game does not use dice or any form of RNG. So if you place a scout in a good position to report the position of enemy vehicles to a well placed tank then the tank can ( because of the scout ) see and shoot at the approaching vehicle. The units span all ranges of infantry, car, truck, tank, artillery, aircraft so there are many ways to out whit your opponent.

The game can be played as single player against AI, in hot seat mode, multiplayer real-time or message based ( you go I go games moves stored on the game server )