Time4War News

Time4War is a tactical turn based strategy game that emphasises manoeuvre warfare over attritional based warfare. True line of sight plays a big part in the game and placing the right units in key locations can give you valued fire first advantage, which is widely agreed in tank warfare as being the deciding factor in determining the outcome of the engagement.

Discord Channel https://discord.gg/j794guV ( for download details and chat )

Watch a game play video see “Time4War” in action

Time4War is a new turn based strategy game, that lets you get up close and personal with the action. Featuring fully immersive 3D environments that let you roam around the table-top enabling you to get close to the action with true line of sight playing a large part of the game mechanics. 

Time4War is designed to work like a virtual table top war gaming experience but with a one kilometer virtual table top ! Each player takes turn to perform move, fire or special actions such as waiting in sentry mode on all their units.

Time4War takes strategy and  logic to the next level by removing all chance from the game. No random chance, no luck and no dice ! Two sides face off against each other in a similar fashion to a chess board. The idea is to gain positional advantage over the battlefield and catch your opponent by surprise.

Time4War uses keeps track of how far units can move and each unit has a limited distance that it can travel per turn. Tank units have very limited visibility and quite long distance firing range, so in order to be able to shoot at a target these units need to be supported by infantry units which have a better visual range.

Time4War has no visual cue showing what can be seen and what can not. Like real life there is no fog of war. If a unit in your army can see an enemy then all units can see that enemy and if it is within firing range all units within range can fire.

Time4War units have armour with different thickness just like units of the period. So that means a weaker unit targeting the side or rear armour has a greater chance to destroy a target.

Time4War has additional mechanics such as sentry mode which enables units to fire when an enemy becomes visible and withing firing range.